DIY with Fox and Sheep

Crafting allows children to express their ideas, let their creativity run wild and, most importantly, it’s fun

Here you can find simple DIY tutorials for which you don’t need a lot of materials. For example the instructions to craft the beloved heroes Fox and Sheep from our popular app, book and radio play series “Around the world with Fox and Sheep” and other creative ideas.

Craft Sheep out of cotton-wool

When crafting with absorbent cotton, children explore their sense of touch by playing with the fluffy cotton, plucking it apart and squeezing it back together. You can download the stencils and instructions here:

Craft Fox out of paper plates

Have fun experimenting with shapes. What forms can be used for the ears or nose? For this you can look for materials from nature, for example, a chestnut for the nose. You can download the instructions and templates here:


Join Fox and Sheep on their adventures in our app “Little Fox Train Adventures”. At farms and factories, they help to load and unload the wagons, produce goods and deliver them to the next city. 

In our “Coloring with Fox and Sheep” app, kids can color the adventures of fox and sheep in famous places around the world, choosing from numerous brushes, colors and patterns

App Icon Little Fox Train Adventures – lovely steam engine app for kids

Little Fox Train Adventures

App Icon Coloring Fun with Fox and Sheep

Coloring with Fox & Sheep

Audio Play

The two friends fox and sheep live together on a small farm on the edge of the Black Forest. With their little train, they deliver homemade treats to customers all over the world. On their travels, the two experience exciting adventures and meet new friends and cultures. 


In our books, Fox and Sheep travel to the twinkling sea of lights of the Japanese metropolis of Osaka and through the vast landscape of the East African Serengeti in Tanzania. Along the way, numerous adventures await them.

Our mission

We are an award-winning app and games studio based in Berlin, Germany. We aspire to introduce children to the digital world in a gentle way. With our apps, kids are able to step into different shoes, go on adventures and set their creativity free. We have been working in children’s media for over ten years with projects like our coding van and in house user tests.

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