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We exchanged the Nighty Night version in the Google Play Store from free to paid and it is no longer possible to download the extra animals in the free version. In order to enjoy all the features of Nighty Night, you need to purchase the paid version.
With iOS7 it requires that you switch on the microphone functionality for the Little Fox. Please go to device Settings – Privacy and then microphone and enable the Little Fox there. Then everything should work again
Please press the “Restore purchases” button on the “More animals” screen. Then all in app purchases should be back without you having to buy them again. Make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID you made the original purchases with.
Nighty Night has two separate versions, one for iPad and one for iPhone. This means you have to buy the iPhone version separately as well as In-App-Purchases.
  1. Check that your device is running on the latest firmware.
  2. If the App still crashes, please turn off your device and turn it back on. Please hold the home button and the sleep / wake button of your device as long as the device goes off and afterwards the Apple icon appears again.
  3. Close all Apps running in background before starting the App.
Uninstalling: Tap and hold any App icon on the screen until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the X-sign in the top corner of the App you want to delete. By tapping the “X”, you’ll remove the App and all of its date from your device. Press home button to cancel or stop deleting Apps.
Reinstalling: Open the App Store on your device. Please make sure you are signed in with the same Apple ID that was used for the original purchase. Tap on Purchased from the bottom navigation bar, locate the App in your Purchased list and tap the download button.
Please check if your side switch is set to mute in the device settings and see whether it may be locked. If this is not the case, please try to double push the home button, do a left swipe in the appearing bottom bar on the screen, and check if the sound icon at the very left is showing muted and if so, tap it to unmute. Please also check that Settings > General > Sounds that the buttons are set to “on”.
iPad users: The side switch is used either for sound or rotation lock. Please check the side switch settings on your device: Settings > General > Use Side Switch to
As long as you reinstalled from the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the App, you won’t be charged. More information on downloading past purchases http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519

It’s easy to reinstall an App that has been erased.

  1. Open the App Store on your device. Please make sure you are signed in with the same Apple ID that was used for the original purchase – you won’t be charged again
  2. Tap on Purchased from the bottom navigation bar
  3. Locate the App in your Purchased list
  4. Tap the download button
The singing snowman is a special feature in our christmas version of Nighty Night, which is provided in November of every year.


Please open the Appstore. On the bottom of the page you can choose to insert a voucher code.

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Contact us with your comments and questions about Fox & Sheep and our Apps in English or German. In case of technical issues, please make sure to include your device and device version in your message.


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