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We specialize in making apps, animation, audio and games for kids. We love to work with like-minded creators and are open to collaborations and partnerships. Just get in touch!

App Development

Do you have an app idea that needs some professionals to turn it into a hit product for kids? Get in touch! It’s no accident that we have won numerous awards and are constantly featured by Apple and Google. With years of experience in the digital kids’ space, we are experts who are happy to help. From early concepts to detailed story writing, our team will help you develop an extraordinary mobile experience for your audience.
Fox & Sheep Agency – HABA Digitalwerkstatt creative art app

IP and Character Development

We can help you develop your IP and characters to have a global appeal and reach. We know kids and their parents and what it takes to have a hit brand.

Audio Productions

We create immersive soundtracks that take your mobile experience to the next level. With our outstanding sound designs and engaging audio, our award-winning composers have years of experience and can tackle any music genre ranging from classical to electronic music.

From children’s radio plays to engaging audio series, we work with fantastic writers, voice actors, and sound engineers to create world-class audio content for your IP. Our experienced team will produce and deliver your ideas to ears around the world and in a wide range of languages.

Consulting & Research

Get to know your young audience! This is the first generation being born into the mobile space and you need consultants who know this ever-changing market. We have kids of our own and we know they use mobile devices in a completely different way than their parents do. That’s why we are constantly studying, researching and testing new technologies with kids and being mindful of the positive and negative effects. With our years of experience, we can show you stats, data, and trends to help you understand your young audience as well as their parents’ concerns.

Talks & Workshops

Want to build a small and high performing team? Want to be successful in a fast-moving market? Want to be on the cutting edge of content or do you just need a product pipeline that rocks? We offer keynotes on a variety of different topics, from writing Hollywood quality stories to what you can learn from Katy Perry. Stephie, Verena, and Timo offer presentations that bring excitement, innovation and curiosity to your office, event, podcast, or conference.

Events & Conferences

TKWM is a conference specialized entirely on digital products for kids with keynotes from top industry speakers. In 2019 the conference popped up at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair!

We Want to Hear From You!

Contact us with your comments and questions about Fox & Sheep Agency. We will get back to you shortly.

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    Meet the Fox & Sheep Team – we create beautiful apps for kids

    We specialize in making apps, animation, audio and games for kids. Find out more about our work and meet the lovely team in Berlin!

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