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Your Imagination Paints the Picture

We believe in the simple beauty of listening. With so many distractions today, we love that radio plays, music, soundtracks, and podcasts can fill our imaginations with wonder and transport us to a new world all through our ears. We love taking listeners to places they’ve never been, inspiring them, and helping them wind down for the day.

Audio Plays

We are incredibly excited to announce Season 2 of our first radio play series. Based on one of our most beloved game, “Little Fox Train Adventures”, Fox and Sheep take kids on exciting adventures  all over the world.
All 20 episodes are available on Spotify, the second season is available on CD and now we even have a lovely Tonie figurine!


Love the music in our games? Well, you are not alone! By popular demand, we have released the immersive soundtrack of our game SHINE – Journey of Light on the best audio streaming services. Listen to us on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music and enjoy our sounds and music with your whole family.
Fox & Sheep Audio – Game Soundtrack for SHINE – Journey of Light

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    Meet the Fox & Sheep Team – we create beautiful apps for kids

    We specialize in making apps, animation, audio and games for kids. Find out more about our work and meet the lovely team in Berlin!

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    *** WEBBY AWARD WINNER 2019 ***
    THE PEOPLE'S VOICE AWARD for Best Family & Kids Game!

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