The Ogglies

Build the highest garbage tower in Smelliville in our new app “THE OGGLIES”! Sounds oggly? It’s not that easy; the nasty builder Hammer keeps getting in your way with his demolition team and tries to make your painstakingly built tower collapse. Can you build the highest tower with the Oggly children and crack your high score?

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Take a closer look:

The garbage tower is built from different garbage objects, which are placed on the tower with simple gestures using a crane. Some skill is required here so that the building blocks are placed correctly, and the tower does not collapse. The children playfully learn physics and train their fine motor skills at the same time.


  • Easy controls, optimized for children
  • With the funny characters from the new movie THE OGGLIES
  • Win new garbage items for your tower
  • Special bricks confuse the laws of physics
  • Mini-game “Oggly Baby’s Special Attack”
  • No internet or WiFi required – paint wherever you want!
Download the Kids App on the App Store
Download the Kids App on Google Play

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