Little Police Station

Meet police officers and help them to catch criminals and villains!


Meet police officers and help them to catch criminals and villains. Be on the scene when a bank is being robbed and be part of wild pursuits. Drive with several police cars and convict the perpetrator with the help of the correct evidence.

In „Little Police Station“ kids can discover the busy day-to-day life at a police department. Be it the prison cell, the emergency call room or different police cars – „Little Police Station“ is a fun hidden objects game which was developed especially for kids. Kids can play through the app in their own speed and discover diverse rooms and landscapes which are full of animations and fun little games. They can go on patrol, catch thieves and bank robbers or mantain order during accidents, there is always something exciting to do!

The control is extremely simple: Tap to interact with an object, swipe to navigate into another scene – so even the younger ones can easily navigate through the App.

– Simple control developed especially for kids aged 3 to 5
– Exciting mini games
– Several different police cars to choose from
– Wild pursuits and missions guarantee hours of content and fun
– Funny characters and hilarious animations
– Original artwork and music
– No internet or WIFI needed – play wherever you want

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