Little Friends Dance

Every child has a favorite toy, but what happens when that toy comes to life and dances right before their eyes?! Is it magic or is it Little Friends Dance?


“Little Friends. DANCE” brings your child’s favorite toy to life in a grooving way! Dancing and singing right before your eyes like no app has done before. Breakout your best moves while your toy dances to some funky tunes!

Based on HABA`s top-selling toy “Little Friends”, Little Friends Dance is fun for the whole family! Kids of all ages can customize their own dance performances with choreography, songs, backgrounds and stickers! The star dancer is your child’s favorite toy!

– Choose from 15 fantastic dolls all from the original product line
– Customize your doll by changing textures, doodling, and applying stickers!
– Kids can create their own dance choreography for their favourite doll all in the app!
– Choose from original pop songs from disco pop to EDM to j-Pop
– Spice it up with 20 photorealistic backgrounds or use the camera to place the dolls in real life

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