Digital rattle for children and parents. Bubl Tap is an interactive exploratory space for you and your child. Touch the screen and it will come alive with clean geometrical shapes, patterns and music.



Bubl is a series of new generation apps for child development. We create interactive digital art for children. Bubl Tap is designed especially for babies. Up to the first twelve months, babies recognize contrasting colors much better than softer colors. This is why our app was desiagned in black and white color scheme.

Key characteristics:

Developed for babies: Bubl Tap trains vision, develops perception of shapes and sounds.
Art for children: Bubl Tap develops your child’s creativity
Cartoons for babies: leave Bubl Tap for a few seconds and it will transform into a developing cartoon for your childA communication tool: Bubl Tap is created for shared discoveries. It’s fun for both children and parents.

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