BUBL Talking Faces

Learn popular professions!

Create a unique character: choose their trade, customize their appearance, study their emotions and talk to them!


BUBL Talking Faces will help small children to learn about popular professions, including the tools used by police officers, construction workers, artists, doctors, cooks and many other specialists.

Key features:

 10 unique professions: police officer, construction worker, artist, athlete, sailor, wizard and many others

Three characters to choose from: boy, girl or adorable animal

 Hundreds of animated accessories to study and decorate with

 Unleash your imagination: change the color and shape of your face, hairstyle, eyes, nose and mouth. Beautify, feed and talk to your character.

 Study emotions. Whether you’re a boy, girl, police officer or construction worker, we all come with the ability to feel joy or sadness, love or anger.

 Chat with your character: call them on the phone, and they will repeat everything you say.

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